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MY PET (portfolio)

  • Have you got a pet? What's it like?
  • Have you got a pretend pet? What's it like?
  • Did you have a pet when you were younger? What was it like?

I have a dog; his name is Ben He is my pet and my best friend.
He is large, furry and very white with brown patches on the both his sides.
He has big eyes, soft and round.His floppy ears are silky and brown. 
I have a dog; his name is BenHe is my pet and my best friend.
Everyday he eats eggs and rice.But what he loves the most is blueberry pies!
When I hear a happy loud groanI know he has found a big fat bone.
I have a dog; his name is Ben.He is my pet and my best friend.
He loves to sniff run and bark chasing white rabbits in the Park.
He loves to swim and loves to surf. The beach is one of his favourite turfs.
I have a dog; his name is Ben.He is my pet and my best friend.
He shakes his head and wag his tail, when he sees the postman drop the mail
He greets me with a kiss and a hug, a jig, a dance and a roll on the rug
I have a dog; his name is Ben.He is my pet and my best friend.
He curls at my feet when we sleep at night. Sometimes we cuddle and hug each other tight
I love my Ben, there can be no other.We have fun together, best friends forever
I have a dog; his name is Ben.He is my pet and my best friend.

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  1. Hello everybody! I'm Irene and I like cats, but I haven't got one. I think dogs are the best, too!
    My dog is a bit a hooligan and I call her Manya.She's fluffy and she's got a bushy tail. She's very old and she can't watch and hear well.She eats meat, eggs and apples.But what she loves the most is picled cucumbers or cabbage.What does your pet like?

  2. Hello. I'm Sam . I have a cat Alex. my cat is an orange and white colors. he is very energetic and loves to play. Alex likes to eat meat and drink milk. He has a long tail and brown eyes. Alex likes to walk in the yard with other cats.

  3. Hello ! I'm Lera . I have got a dog Yma . She's 4 years old . She's got small eyes and long wool . She's lazy . She eats meat , apple and cheese . I love my pet!

  4. Anastasiya Bodyanovskaya28 января 2015 г., 12:52

    Hi! I've got a dog . She's name is Busya (Isabella Donna in a passport). She has got a medium ears , small black nose and a big brown eyes. Her fur is very soft and black . Sometimes she wake up me and climb on my bed . When my parents isn't at home , she come at my room and begins to scratch my bed . She likes dogs cookies . I like she as well as she likes me!

  5. Анастасия Е28 января 2015 г., 16:28

    Hello!I have got a dog.His name Kusya and he's 8 years old.He's small with orange fur.I walks with him every morning.He's very clever and kind dog.Kusya like play with me.I love my pet!

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  7. Hello! I was the guinea pig. It was soft, fluffy and very funny. Her name was Marusia. Marusia was very beautiful. Her coat was long, tri-color: red, white and black. Sometimes i was released from the cells, and it was funny running around the room. When she wanted to eat, then squeaked loudly and i feed her. She really loved to eat greens and vegetables. I loved my guinea pig!