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A cathedral on the Field of Prokhorovka. It commemorates the Red Army victory in the battle of the 5th Guards Tank Army

File:Prokhorovka Cathedral.jpg
   The Battle of Kursk, in which the Soviet Red Army defeated Hitler's German troops, was a turning point in World War II, giving the Soviets the strategic initiative on the Eastern Front The Battle of Kursk,  the largest tank battle of the Second World War, was fought on the steppe of Kursk oblast between July 5 and August 23, 1943. It was initiated by the Germans who concentrated 50 divisions, two tank brigades, three tank battalions, and eight artillery assault divisions comprising 2,700 Tiger and Panther tanks, some two thousand aircraft, and 900,000 men in all. The Soviet forces, consisting of General K. K. Rokossovskii's Army of the Center, General N. F. Vatutin's Voronezh Army, and the reserve army of the Steppe Front under General I. S. Konev, numbered 1.3 million troops, 3,600 tanks, and 2,800 aircraft.

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