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                                 AN OLD POSTCARD

Have you ever read any old postcard,a letter or a note? It seems we are in the past time ourselves. We can see the things there aren't now. Today we'll try to write a postcard from a day before Chernobyl Catastrophe.So imagine you are a boy or a girl visiting his     or her relatives in Chernobyl. Write a postcard your friend telling him/her where you are, what the weather is like and what you and your family are doing...

Before writing watch a video and read some information

In the early morning hours of 26 April 1986, a testing error caused an explosion at the 
Chernobyl nuclear power station in the northern Ukraine. During a radioactive fire that 
burned for 10 days, 190 tons of toxic materials were expelled into the atmosphere. 
The explosion of the reactor at Chernobyl released 100 times more radiation than the 
atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
• At the time of the accident, about 7 million people lived in contaminated territories, 
including 3 million children

But today is  April, 25, 1986 and you know nothing about the accident of the next day...

 Write in this form

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