суббота, 22 июня 2013 г.


,Get up, the giant country  
  Get up for mortal fight 
  With German horde uncounted,
  With forces of the nigh

In the early morning 1941 the Fascist Germany without declaring a war attacked the Soviet Union.
The war turned the life of the 194 million population of the USSR. The strongest and youngest went to the front-line.June 22 is now known as the Day of  Memory and Grief. Thousands of people commemorate the memory of victims of the war. Traditionally on June 22 Krasnodar citizens bring flowers and wreaths to the Eternal light that is a symbol of our memory and grief of those who hadn’t lived to see Victory…This event is commemorated with minute of silence.  Memory of those who has died in battles will be kept in our hearts forever!

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